Subset Games has finally come forward to let the galaxy know about the release dates of both FTL: Faster Than Light's iPad edition along with the FTL: Advanced Edition expansion.

Better turn off impulse speed and get ready for maximum warp, because FTL's iPad edition and its Advanced Edition PC expansion will both be arriving on April 3. The iPad version of FTL will be at the discounted price of $10, and will automatically include the PC version's Advanced Edition along with it. The iPad version of FTL will not include any type of in-app purchases or microtransactions.

Due to the iPad's screen size, specific changes were implemented by Subset Games in order to successfully translate the PC version's gameplay. While the original PC edition would display both ships at the same time whenever your encounter a new ship, the iPad version will do the same, just with one ship being small and a larger one being focused on (you will be able to switch the screen-dominant ship in order to inspect either ship and compare stats).

FTL: Advanced Edition will arrive on April 3 as a free content expansion for the original PC version.