Tomorrow marks the day that Forza Horizon gets a brand new piece of free downloadable content. The new pack called the 1,000 Club Expansion Pack, will come with 1,000 new challenges, 10 new Xbox Live achievements, and two brand new cars.

According to Gamespot, the DLC also features brand new challenges for every car in the game. The challenges range from time trials, to stunt challenges, to technical driving tests, to seeing how many objects you can smash on a Sunday drive. Forza Horizon creative director Ralph Fulton says that the game will be able to recognize what cars a player has obtained and will recommend challenges based on the cars the player uses. While most of these new challenges can be completed with the cars available in the main game, even more challenges will be available to players who purchased the season pass or the Rally expansion pack.

The two new cars that will be made available include the 956 Ford F100 truck and the 1995 RUF CTR2. As stated before, this expansion will be completely free and available to all Forza Horizon players. Supposedly, a new paid DLC pack is scheduled to come out sometime in the future, though details about the pack are still few and far between. Hopefully it will come out soon, or else the Season Pass will start to seem like something of a rip off.