If art imitates life, you better call a lawyer because the daughter of a Mafioso is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 for allegedly using her likeness in its recent hit title.

The Daily News reported that Rockstar Games has supposedly used Karen Gravano's image and life story in their hit crime caper without her permission. Gravano is the daughter of Italian Mafioso, Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano. She has just filed a $40 million lawsuit against Rockstar Games based on her claims.

Gravano's lawyer claimed in a public statement that the ripped-off character in GTA 5 that copies his client's life was Antonia Bottino. Antonia Bottino is the daughter of Sammy Bottino, a mob underboss who was mentioned (but never seen) in both Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5. In GTA 5, you encountered Antonia being randomly buried in the ground on a dirt road in one of the game's randomized events (which were only about five minutes long in duration).

After killing the men who buried her and bringing her into your vehicle, Antonia told your character (it could have been Franklin, Trevor or Michael) that her father was on the run from a murder charge and was moving around the west in small towns.

Karen Gravano's father turned sates evidence against his Mafia partners and was seen as a turncoat. Unfortunately, there are no reports of Gravano ever being buried in the desert only to be rescued by a random stranger. As for stealing her physical likeness, we shall let our readers decide for themselves whether or not Gravano's case holds weight based on these pictures below.

Rockstar Games / Daily News
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