Respawn Entertainment's first map for Titanfall's Expedition DLC is filled with virtual simulations and colored force fields.

Titanfall's official website has unveiled a preview of War Games, one of three maps included with the Expedition downloadable content pack, which is coming out next month. Respawn developer Jason McCord has gone into a number of details about the game on the site's posting, focusing on War Games' theme of a virtual simulation. Much like Titanfall's original training areas for new pilots, War Games takes place in a simulator, which provides a beautiful, yet varied environment for you to drop a Titan.

IMC players will be starting off in an Airbase-like building that has working Marvins and a tank repair garage. Militia players will start off in an area that is based on Angel City, but with a late night setting. There is a central tower that is based off the Rise map, which is filled with small rooms with plenty of wallrunning paths to use outside its windows (if you plan on camping the tower, we suggest the shotgun). In between these familiar backdrops are areas of the simulation that have started to glitch, which remind us that most of the backdrops we see throughout the level are indeed holograms. Nevertheless, the broken holograms' distorted visuals are colorful and provide a much-needed, distinct change to keep the level from looking too familiar.

Titanfall's Expedition DLC pack is due this May for the price of $9.99 and will provide two other maps with War Games. Respawn Entertainment has two other DLC packs in the works as well. Those planning to buy all three DLC map packs should get Titanfall's $24.99 Season Pass, which includes the Expedition map set.

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