Fire Emblem Awakening will be here to slake your thirst for tactical role-playing goodness soon enough, but here's another trailer from Nintendo to keep you satisfied for now.

This trailer focuses on the most powerful weapon on the battlefield: friendship! No, really. We're serious. Placing two units together on the field will allow them to support each other in battle. Got a mage that's basically a glass cannon? No problem! Just place a big ol' meat shield-like knight next to him/her and watch as they come in to defend the mage from enemy attacks. The second unit might even follow up with their own attacks in battle, which will make short work of tougher enemies.

Another advantage to setting units beside each other is the bonding that can take place. The greater the bond between two characters, the more buffs they'll receive when fighting each other. Some units can even be joined in marriage! And what's cooler than seeing a married couple duke it out on the battlefield, especially when they can literally drag around a battleaxe.

Watch the video below and treat it as a primer for when Fire Emblem Awakening is released on February 4th, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. Who knows, you might even become a successful matchmaker and get all of your units hitched before Valentine's Day.

Let us know what you think of the support and bonding system in the comments below!