Some brand new downloadable content called Summer Scramble was made available to download for fans of Fire Emblem: Awakening. But some of that content has been censored for North Americans.

IGN reports that Nintendo, clearly trying to make sure we Americans and Europeans are shielded from the filth that comes out of Japan, censored an image of Tharja in her underwear. Namely her butt.

For some reason, this image of Tharja in an outfit that would be considered questionably risque even in a Sears catalog, was partially blocked. Do the Japanese think kids are going to get all silly over a cartoon butt?

Here's the censored image:

Tharja Censored

And the incredibly R-rated uncensored image:

Tharja Uncensored

Yawn. Seriously, Nintendo? Kids see worse things in an issue of Archie comics. Don't worry about censoring our content. We're doing just fine. Now that we think about it, if you're going to start shielding us from butts, can you put some pants on Donkey Kong? It's getting kind of weird.

Donkey Kong Pants

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