Fiete Match is a simple little game from Wolfgang Schmitz that challenges your memory and matching skills. You face off against the sailor named Fiete in a series of card matching games in his lighthouse. Are you and Fiete a match made in heaven? Or would the logical thing be to skip over this title completely?

When you first open up Fiete Match, it becomes apparent that this game is aimed at children. Hell, even the description on the App Store says, "Besides logic, abstraction and memory training this app children playfully empathy." Well, that wasn't proper English, but you can still discern that it's meant to teach kids different skills through card matching games.

Just because it's aimed at helping children augment their mental faculties, don't go dismissing it as a kid's game. You'll be surprised to find that Fiete isn't a pushover who lets you rack up wins in order to bolster your self confidence. No, Fiete can be a challenging opponent who really pushes you to sharpen your skills in his many different card games.

You'll engage in six different card games, each one focusing on a different skill. The marine animals set tasks you with identifying pairs. The nautical flag set challenges you to find pairs with abstract images. The world tour set combines the previous games and gives you pairs with abstract images and symbols. The vehicles set helps improve one's ability to spot logical relationships, like an excavator machine and some dirt. There's also a set with different number of objects to be matched with the corresponding number. And then the last set presents you with simple addition problems that need to be matched to their sum.

Fiete can be an unforgiving opponent and could end up winning against you many times over, depending on how good your memory is. He might wear a very good-natured smile at all times, but he's really quite devious. You have to remember that you're playing against a computer, so he'll take advantage of any time you slip up and accidentally reveal a match without successfully finding its counterpart. But hey, at least the animations are smooth and the colors are bright, making sure that you at least have a pleasant, visual experience while taking on the skilled sailor.

Fiete Match is a simple game that never gets needlessly complicated and can be enjoyable in short bursts. You just have to make sure that you're alert when you play and that you don't suffer any handicaps because you might be fatigued or need lack coffee for fuel.

It aims for a younger audience and should do quite well in helping children sharpen their minds and learn important logic skills. Still, I'm not so sure it's worth $2.99 for five simple matching games. But, if you really want a teaching tool for the young person in your life, you could do a lot worse than Fiete.


App Store Link: Fiete Match for iPhone & iPad | By Wolfgang Schmitz | Price: $2.99 | Version: 1.0 | 19.5 MB | Rating: 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating