The Female Barbarian from Diablo 3 has a kickass accent, uses kickass weapons and is an all-around kickass person. So of course it'd make sense that there'd be some similarly kickass cosplay of her on the internet. Let's gather up our strength for the Female Barbarian in today's Cosplay of the Day.

She's the world's toughest ginger and she's no stranger to battling demons. Really, what more could you want? As far as Nephalem go, the Barbarian is one fine lady with muscles that could put any man to shame. If demons were to erupt from the ground, you'd bet we'd want her on our side.

This is KamuiCosplay in her very fetching Barbarian armor. As far as female armor goes, this set is pretty conservative, even if it does expose the midriff. We're guessing that her skills are so great that nothing could penetrate her defenses enough to get a blade near her tummy anyway. The photomanipulation seen below is so good that it looks like it was pulled from concept art of the game! We're bonkers for this cosplay and we don't care who knows it.

Take a peek at the rest of KamuiCosplay's work on deviantART and marvel at the vast amounts of Blizzard-related cosplays she has created.

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