When the spirits of the recently deceased are holding a grudge around you (puns intended), a picture is worth a thousand screams.

Nintendo has posted an official trailer for the fifth Fatal Frame game, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which was finally given the green light for its Western release on the Wii U. Just like the previous entries of the Project Zero franchise, your character must investigate an area filled with ghosts, specters and other nefarious spirits who want to make you just as dead as they are. Your only weapon is Camera Obscura, an ancient camera that allows you to take pictures of these phantasms and seal away their souls for good The game features a third-person perspective, but you must use the first-person viewfinder on the Wii U's GamePad to adjust your camera's photos, center the poltergeist and take a creepy photo in order to save yourself.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water will launch for the Wii U this fall.

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