Listen to Cosmo explain how he spent years of his life trying to perfect his playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time so he could win the world record for its fastest completion.

Cosmo Wright holds the current world record for beating Ocarina of Time in eighteen minutes and ten seconds. He has taken the time (pun intended -- he earned it) to go over his history with Ocarina of Time and explain just why and how he performed this perfect playthrough. Wright spent years trying to find the exact exploits which allowed him to transport from the Deku Tree boss, Gohma, to the final boss fight against Ganon. That's right, Cosmo actually transports Kid Link to the final boss and beats Ganon with a Deku Stick. Just look at the backflip trick he did to get through the webbing on the floor, bypassing the entirety of the Great Deku Tree dungeon straight to its boss.

As stated previously, Cosmo spent years of his life perfecting this playthrough. We suggest all Zelda fans should give this Ocarina master his props and check out his explanation.