Ubisoft has released two new trailers for Far Cry 4. One introduces you to the area, while the other shows how your friends who don't own the game will be able to help you hunt in Kyrat.

When we first heard how you would be able to have your friends to randomly help you in Far Cry 4 by joining your game on the fly, even if they didn't own the game, we had our doubts as to how it would work and its limitations. Ubisoft has taken the logical route and will be giving buyers of Far Cry 4 10 keys to the game that will let your friends on the PSN join you in its open world co-op gameplay for up to a maximum of two hours per key. You can explore Kyrat together and attack outposts as a group during this time, even if your friend doesn't own the game. Far Cry 4's Keys to Kyrat program will only be available for PSN members, meaning that this is a PlayStation-exclusive feature. This also suggests that your friends who do own Far Cry 4 will not have this time limit in play when it comes to joining your game and helping you out. We're fairly sure that this only works if both players intend on playing together on the same platforms, so don't expect that you can get your buddy playing on a PS3 to help you clear out a town on the PS4 version.

Fary Cry 4 will take you to Kyrat starting Nov. 18 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.