Ubisoft has already teased the wait for more Far Cry won't be nearly as long as the gap between the second and third sequels, but a new ratings classification may have tipped the developer's hand.

Less than a day after Far Cry 3's writer Jeffrey Yohalem told Joystiq he was working on something surprising, new ratings showed up on the Brazilian game classification site for a game called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

The ratings are included for an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC version of the game, which is described as a "first-person shooter." Artwork for the Xbox Live Arcade version was discovered as well by NeoGAF, giving some credence to the idea Ubisoft is planning a slight detour in the Far Cry 3 universe. What's more, the artwork has a distinct '80s arcade machine vibe, though it's not clear from the description at all just what Blood Dragon will entail.

We'll be watching updates closely, as we would love to see more Far Cry 3 in any fashion possible.