Remember Metroid 2? Of course you don’t! It came out on the Game Boy and while it was an important chapter in the story of Samus, the Metroids, and the Space Pirates, most gamers skipped it over for Super Metroid. The game was also limited in scope due to the Game Boy’s limited power. Samus took up most of the screen and it was easy to get lost on SR388, the Metroid homeworld. Luckily, Milton Guasti a.k.a. DoctorM64, has decided to fix this with his newest game, Project AM2R.

Project AM2R is a complete redesign of Metroid 2. Much like Metroid: Zero Mission took Metroid 1 and gave it a complete graphical overhaul, Project AM2R will do the same for Metroid 2. However, it’s not just the graphics that are getting updated here. The game’s maps will be greatly expanded in order to match the scope of Zero Mission. Small rooms will become huge caverns each with their own secrets to uncover.

Guasti is also adding several new items to the game as well. Classic super missiles and power bombs will be included, as well Zero Mission’s power-grip. The charge beam also makes an appearance as does the gravity suit, two items which did not show up in the original Metroid 2. Samus will even be able to wall jump! The stackable beam system from Super Metroid also returns, allowing you to design the Wave, Plasma, Ice, and Spazer Beam if you so desire. Charge bombs, which were special abilities that happened if you morphed while charged in Super Metroid, will also be making a return. One allows you to instantly set a vertical column of bombs up to let you bomb jump to high places. Finally, Samus will also be getting an upgrade to her morph ball in a button that lets her immediately morph without double tapping down. Essentially, it gives her morph ball Metroid Prime like controls, which will be useful after she gains the spider ball.

Project AM2R will include completely redone enemies, both in graphics and A.I. The new Metroid sprites are terrifying, and Metroid evolutions certainly do the series justice. It will also include a complete logbook detailing the story that the Game Boy version was never able to tell.

Project AM2R is currently being designed for PC release only. However, the game will support Xinput, allowing you to use Xbox 360 style controllers easily. A demo of the first area can be found on the game’s official website. The last update to the project was made back in November and progress is being made at a constant rate. So you’ll be exploring SR388 again in all its colorful horror before you know it.