If you are a retro gamer like we are, then you probably loved your Commodore 64. This old school home computer had some outstanding games, including Wasteland, Ultima IV, and Zork! But as fun as these games were, much of the power of the C64 console was unexplored at the time of its demise. We have made serious advancements since the days of the C64 in both graphics and gameplay, but what if we told you that some of the best current day game releases can be played on an old C64 console?

This is exactly what Homebrew masters Paul Koller and Mikkel Hastrup have done. Working completely within the constraints of an old Commodore 64 system, they have begun “demaking” popular titles, many of which can be found on PC and iOS. These demakes can actually be played on any working C64 console, or on a C64 emulator for anyone who has unfortunately given up their Commodore to the winds of time.

The latest in their line of demakes is Micro Hexagon, a port of the popular mobile and PC title Super Hexagon. Though the demake only includes one stage and seems to be unable to change the shape of the inner hexagon, it’s still incredibly challenging. It even comes with its own version of the Super Hexagon soundtrack, made completely with the Commodore 64 sound chip set.

Mico Hexagon was made as part of the RGCD C64 Cartridge Development Competition. It’s currently available as a free download for anyone who wants to play it. To play it on a classic C64 rig, however, you will have to use a C64 flash cart.

Micro Hexagon isn’t Koller’s only demake or the only demake to come out of the competition. Koller previously created C64anabalt, a port of the endless runner Canabalt which was even purchasable in cartridge form off RGCD. A fully functional port of Super Crate Box called Super Bread Box was also created by Koller and is still available for purchase off the RGCD shop.