It's time to exit Vault 111 and explore the wastelands of Boston in this amazing debut trailer for Fallout 4. This announcement video starts off with a rather familiar scene, where the camera focuses on a TV and zooms out to show a decrepit apocalyptic world.

The trailer goes back and forth between the current apocalyptic setting and what the area used to be like before the great war. As we watch these haunting flashbacks, we hear news reports (narrated by Ron Perlman), which showcase the terror of when doomsday happened and the nuclear bombs started dropping. We get to see a quick montage of gameplay, including various parts of Boston and the return of some dangerous foes, including Ghouls, a robot, a Deathclaw and irradiated wildlife. We're just glad we'll have a K9 companion by our side.

We have a feeling your character might be the baby from the flashback. Think about it. Fallout 4's main website has a tagline of "Welcome Home." The video has your character walking around the wrecked house while experiencing flashbacks. The flashbacks feature a couple holding a baby in a crib when the alarms hit. You then see the panic of the populace abandoning their homes and getting in line to get into the Vaults. The nuclear blasts hit and we then see the door to Vault 111 open, followed by a montage of the Boston area that your character is experiencing and seeing.

Unfortunately, no type of launch window was announced for Fallout 4, but it was confirmed that it'll be heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Original Story:

War never changes, but it was confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the form of Fallout 4. That's right — it's official, and it's heading to Boston!

GameInformer has posted an early screenshot taken from Fallout 4's announcement trailer on the game. Likewise, Internet super sleuth Ian Miles Cheong has posted multiple pictures from Fallout 4, including the game's box art, that was leaked from the announcement website. In one of Cheong's pictures, you can see the words "Scollay Square" as a landmark, which pretty much confirms Fallout 4 will be taking place in Boston, but it could span a larger area than just Beantown. Bethesda accidentally launched the official Fallout 4 website an hour early. While it was immediately taken down, Cheong was able to score a few screenshots.

An official announcement trailer will be unveiled soon.