Jump on a bike and race across bumpy terrain in Extreme Bike Tours. This bike racing game from Texas Poker isn't exactly perfect, but they got at least one part of the title correct -- it definitely features bikes.

Extreme Bike Tours only offers about four different bikes to choose from -- ordinary, speed, golden, and a ghost bike. However, players don’t get the full kit and caboodle to start with; you only begin with one, and the rest of the options have to be bought and paid for with in-game currency before you can go off on a joyride. They don't appear to be particularly awesome bikes, but each one offers a special power like earning 1.5 times the amount of coins, extra nitro boost, or an extra life. And don't confuse Extreme Bike Tours with another iOS game, Extreme Bike Trip. They are very similar, but this one has far less to offer than the latter.

As it is, this version of Extreme Bike Tours fails to impress. It’s free to play, meaning you’re bombarded with ads and nothing is actually free. Every single extra item available -- characters, bikes, power boosts, leveling up- has to be purchased with either coins or gems. The player earns coins at a decent rate in game, but not gems. Gems are like a Mewtwo, very rare and hard earned, and cynical players won’t be surprised to find out that much of the cooler content are gem-only purchases.

The gameplay itself is powerfully okay, but not the least bit groundbreaking. Extreme Bike Tour’s developers tried to make distinct levels by giving them different colors, but the layout is the exact same each time you play. On the upside though, the controls work well. You tap one side or the other to tilt the bike, keeping it level or making it spin to do tricks. But don’t get too crazy though, crashing the bike will cost you a life and you only start with five. How do you earn more? Time or money, my friend. Five minutes will earn you one life or you can buy them, and, seeing as how it’s very easy to spend all five of your lives within just a few minutes, most players will probably give up and move on to another game rather than wait around or fork over the moolah.

Extreme Bike Tours

Big racing enthusiasts might find some fun in Extreme Bike Tours at first; however, even the most passionate racer might grow tired of the limited bike selection, lack of customization for said bikes, and having to buy even the smallest power-up. There are far better racing games out there that offer multi-player and more bikes making Extreme Bike Tours just another drop in the mediocre, free-to-play hat.

App Store Link: Extreme Bike Tours for iPhone & iPad | By Texas Poker | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.1 | 40.2 MB | Rating 4+

4.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating