Big game hunting morphs yet again as a third major monster is added to the roster of Evolve. Also, we finally have some details about Turtle Rock's upcoming open beta.

Turtle Rock Studios has revealed the third big baddie coming to hunt the hunters of Evolve -- the Wraith. We've already met two of Evolve's monsters already. The Kraken is the Lovecraftian-inspired, flying thunder monster and the Goliath is a hulking juggernaut of a foe that stays glued to the ground. If the Kraken is Thor and the Goliath is the Hulk, the Wraith would be Loki. That's right, the Wraith is all about tricks and deception. As you can tell by the trailer, having the Wraith cornered could mean it's really lurking in wait somewhere behind you. The Wraith is small, fast and has two very deadly blades to worry about. It can warp and dash around the battlefield to avoid damage, and its main four abilities include supernova, abduct, decoy and warp blast.

Evolve will also offer a single-player mode so you don't have to worry about finding teammates. You'll be able to play as the Monster or hot-swap between a team of four hunters (the others will be computer-controlled while you're not playing as them). Much like the gameplay of Left 4 Dead, you don't have to be stuck with people online in order to enjoy Evolve by yourself. Plus, you can always step up your hunting game this way. Turtle Rock mentioned a new Evacuation mode, which will have a bit more local wildlife than your usual hunt.

Evolve's open beta test will be happening exclusively for the Xbox One from Jan. 15-19, starting at 6AM ET. You'll be able to play the game's core Hunt mode while unlocking new Monsters/Hunters to play. Any progress made in the open beta will carry over to the final version of the game. Starting on Jan. 17, Xbox One open beta participants will be able to play Evacuation mode.

“2K and Turtle Rock Studios are creating much more than just a competitive multiplayer experience,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Evolve’s addictive and replayable 4v1 gameplay formula creates intense gaming moments whether you enjoy playing alone offline, cooperatively with friends against AI, or competitively against others online.”

Evolve will finally hatch on Feb. 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Pre-ordering Evolve will get you the Monster Expansion Pack, which comes with a new Savage Goliath Skin as well as a completely new Monster to play.