Turtle Rock Studios released a new trailer for their upcoming co-op shooter, Evolve, showing off four new hunters, a new map and several examples of wildlife that will inhabit it.

Evolve will pit four players, playing as hunters, against a fifth player who controls the monster. The game will feature four classes of hunters--trapper, medic, support and assault. One example of each class is shown in the trailer.

Maggie is a trapper who uses harpoon traps to slow or stop monsters, and has a pet trapjaw who tracks down monsters and cuts off their routes of escape. Lazarus, a medic, can bring players back to life and turn invisible, but will raw extra agro from monsters due to his importance on the team. Utilizing sentry guns, Bucket is a support robot whose head is a removable recon drone. Finally, Hyde provides huge damage with his flamethrower and chain gun, but must get up close in order to be effective.

The new map, called The Dam, features a labyrinthine cave system with narrow passages that make for some intense, claustrophobic action. Dangerous wildlife, like Megamouths and Dune Beetles, call the Dam their home, and they aren’t too happy about hunters or monsters horning in on their territory. These mindless creatures will attack either side of the battle, adding an interesting layer of complexity to fights.

By all accounts, Evolve is shaping up to be a formidable and engaging title, and we can't wait to get our hands on it next month at E3. Make sure to check back with us for more details.