800,000 is a big number and it's what Turtle Rock Studios is boasting for the amount of different scenarios that its newest addition to Evolve, Evacuation, will create for players.

Turtle Rock Studios went into a little bit of detail about what's happening in the new Evacuation game mode. Evacuation takes place over five different days, and every day's fight will affect the next. The gist of Evacuation is that Shear has been overrun with monsters seeking to drastically reduce the planet's population. In order to stop the monsters, the hunters must go out and perform their best to make sure that the entire population doesn't die.

Every Evacuation will start out on a random map with Hunt where the monster will get a head start. While the monster tries its hardest to become as strong as possible, the hunters have to try to kill it. From there, players will be able to vote on the location and mode for their next four days of gameplay. There are two remaining game modes that you can choose from. Nest, is the first game mode where the monster is desperately trying to defend its eggs that are scattered across the map while the hunters try to kill them. Rescue where the injured Shear population tries to escape the Monsters that are randomly placed on the map while the hunters try to revive them. Whoever kills or saves the most people wins. When you get to the end, Defend is the last and only choice of game mode you have. Hunters will defend the Evacuation point while the ship is busy fueling up as the Monsters lead "hordes of Goliath minions" to attack it.

It's certainly a much deeper mode than the standard Hunt we've all been playing in previews and during the alpha. Hopefully this isn't the last game mode we'll be hearing about before Evolve's release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year.