If you want to go fast, you should stick by Caira--Evolve's newest character.

Caira is premiering in Evolve as its newest medic. She has area of effect, well, everything. Her first skill, Healing Grenades, does just that. Wherever Caira shoots them off, it has an area of effect healing effect. She can even heal herself and is, therefore, the only medic who can do that. Her second skill is Napalm Grenades, which are focused around hurting the monster that you're fighting against. If she shoots one directly at the Monster, it does damage on impact. If she misses, it will still light him on fire, as long as it's close enough, and do damage over time. Her third and final skill is Adrenal Boost for those times when you need to go fast. This gives all the hunters near her a "huge speed boost" which is good for both initiation and getaway.

Caira is the last medic being revealed for the game, but there are still some hunters and monsters to be announced. Hopefully we'll learn about them by the time Evolve arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015.