The hunt begins to Evolve yet again, with Turtle Rock Studios' addition of the new Observer Mode.

All you Hunters and Monsters in Evolve will be glad to hear that you will be getting a free, new feature in the form of Observer Mode. Observer Mode is community feature that will allow you to watch and add commentary to the plethora of hunts going on in Evolve. This will allow you to create livestream gameplay videos without the need for all that pricey gear or all that technical knowledge. Observer Mode allows a sixth person to passively enter Evolve custom matches, letting them seamlessly jump back and forth between the five players (the four Hunters and the Monster character). While following one of these players, you'll have an HUD available that updates in real time as the fight continues, providing info on all the players' health, their buffs, the map and everyone's odds of survival.

The provided video above showcases the things you can do in Observer Mode, as 2K's Scott James and DB Sinclar watch and commentate an intense 4v1 match.  You have the ability to toggle viewpoints between the various players, look at the minimap and watch the survival odds change as both sides perform actions, whether it be someone taking damage or the Monster feasting on the local wildlife. You also have the ability to outline players, so the observer can keep track of everyone on the map, even while the camera focuses on one specific player. Let's just hope more of Evolve's DLC content turns out free in the future.

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