Several of my fingers are slightly numb after several hours of Evilot, but the minor discomfort is worth it. Fans who love a little twist to their puzzle defense games should welcome this title with open arms. Ever thought of having rats and skeletal warriors as the heroes of your story? Look no further, since evil reigns supreme and no adventurer is stealing its bountiful treasure!

Count Dolfus just wants to sit back and enjoy his riches in Evilot, but unfortunately there are treasure hunters and warriors out to take his valuables. With rats, skeletons, and even alligators at his disposal, Dolfus will kill anyone who attempts to steal his treasure. As you can see from the beautiful artwork featured in the game's cinematics section, the Count is a jovial chap.

To complete each stage, you must ensure that at least one of Dolfus' treasure chests is not stolen by the enemy. As they gradually enter the right side of the screen, you must choose which creature to block their path. If you place three of the same kind next to each other, they will transform into a more destructive fighter. When you place three rats next to each other, they will collectively transform into a super rat which is able to dish out and take more damage to the treasure hunters.

Choosing how to defend your treasure gets more difficult as the game progresses, especially since there are several lanes to protect. Tapping your finger at the icons located at the bottom of your device and then touching the specific block you want them to inhabit is the main control you need to master. As the wave of fighters start expanding, you'll be feverishly tapping the screen to summon as many of your minions as possible.

The soundtrack, composed by Matias Castro and performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, is also a cut above the usual banal scores one gets with many iOS games. Playing off Evilot's slightly whimsical tone, the music has a catchy melody without being too overbearing. Along with the beautifully rendered art work, it's really hard to find any faults with this latest release.

As much as I love summoning creatures and planning out my mode of defense on each level, it's Evilot's frenetic and fast paced style which had me hooked within 10 minutes. After the first several stages, the game enters an entirely different gear and challenges players to think on their feet or else they will be left in the dust. There's really no time to breathe in the later levels, and knowing your plan of attack even before your adversary hits the ground running is highly recommended.

Evilot is an engaging journey that pretty much fires on all cylinders. The only thing this title needs is some Game Center integration, and it's just a shame that a few achievements can't be unlocked along the way. Still, that's a minor complaint for an inspired puzzler that far exceeded my expectations.


App Store Link: Evilot for iPad | By Syrenaica | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.1.0 | 42.6 MB | Rating 9+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating