Zaxxon was one of the coolest '80s arcade games ever made, and now Sega, who loves updating their classics, has announced a brand new Zaxxon title called Zaxxon Escape.

The 1982 classic was the first game to use axonometric projection, which simulated three-dimensional gaming from its third-person perspective. The original game had you piloting your spacecraft into a giant fortress called Zaxxon. Now, thirty years later, you're finally going to get your chance to escape.

Sega won't be going to with the traditional three-quarter view model from the original. Instead, it looks as if it will be a behind-the-ship perspective. Whatever. As long as we get another crack at destroying that damn red robot.

Sega hasn't announced a date or price yet, but rest assured, we'll keep you updated on the game as more information becomes available. For now, enjoy this sweet teaser trailer Sega put out today.