Dodge Roll is paying proper tribute to Smash TV and Contra III with this insane top-down shooter/dungeon crawler hybrid, Enter the Gungeon.

The debut trailer for Enter the Gungeon takes all the over-the-top shooter action we have seen across the indie scene lately (with games like Broforce, Super Time Force, etc) and brings it to a top-down perspective. Enter the Gungeon mixes Contra with Gauntlet in the best of ways: as a dungeon crawler that is all about gunplay.

The story of Enter the Gungeon is interesting. This fast-paced, radial shooter lets you choose a misfit character with a massive regret/tragedy in his/her background. You then go to a faraway planet that is inhabited by dangerous enemies in order to find a legendary gun, the Gungeon, which is said to have the power to kill the past. That's right, a "gun that can kill the past," according to Dodge Roll.

As of now, Enter the Gungeon is only heading to PS4 with no launch window in sight. Hopefully, there's a PS Vita release in its future as well.