A story trailer has been posted for Enemy Front, the World War II shooter told from the viewpoint of war correspondent Robert Hawkins.

Find out how Hawkins gets mixed up in the fight against the Third Reich in World War II as he tells the story from the ruins of Warsaw, Poland. He's spent the last four years traveling around Europe and meeting different people who are part of the resistance against the Nazi regime. In that time, he's witnessed a lot of stories with his own eyes. Now's the time to recount the tales.

In Enemy Front, you'll be able to utilize whatever tactics best suit your play-style. This means that you can sneak around and become a stealthy instrument of death or you can go loud and let everyone within the vicinity know you're there by firing off multiple rounds. There's no wrong way to tackle an objective, so the choice is yours.

Watch the trailer above and take part in the open-ended missions in World War II when Enemy Front is released on June 10 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.