Frontier Development's space exploration game, Elite: Dangerous, has only been out for three months, but it's already had a tournament that turned out a massive prize to one lucky player.

Most games wait a while to get established before getting tournaments with massive prizes but Elite: Dangerous is changing that all around. Polygon reports Elite: Dangerous recently had a massive tournament, one that resulted in a behemoth grand prize. There were four different categories that took over the contest which included the first three players to reach Elite rank in combat, trade and exploration. Each of these players won 1,000, which is just about $1,500. Then there was the big mamma jamma prize for the first person to reach Elite rank in all three categories, which rewarded 10,000, roughly $15,000, to the winner. You can check out the rundown of the tourney's winners below:

  • Commander Tequila— Winner of the Exploration Award
    • Travelled 190,000 light years
    • Surveyed 7,967 unique star systems
  • Commander Lordkee— Winner of the Trade Award
    • Moved over 834,353 metric tons of cargo
    • Worked for 1,046 hours of game time
  • Commander Fromtonrouge— Winner of the Combat Award
    • Brought down 8,563 ships since Elite: Dangerous launched
  • Commander Onepercent— Grand Prize Winner
    • Visited 10,342 unique star systems
    • Killed 9,032 beings
    • Traded 835,410 metric tons of cargo (including 2,000 on the black market)
    • Played for 1,029 in-game hours

Elite: Dangerous is out now for PC and will be launching for Xbox One during Q2 or Q3 of this year. If you're an Xbox One user and worried the galaxy will be explored by the time you get to play, don't be: Frontier figures it will take a good 150,000 years to explore its 400 billion unique star systems.