Watch a group of older folks react to the gore-filled gameplay of Mortal Kombat X. You'll be surprised at some of their reactions.

Mortal Kombat X is a Mature-rated game, meaning you need to be at least 17 to buy it in the U.S., but what the ESRB doesn't mention is that you should probably not be older than 60 either, or it might give you a heart attack. To test whether or not the elderly could survive the gory onslaught that is Mortal Kombat X, REACT pitted them in a battle to the death. Two grandparents enter, but only one leaves.

Like any good fighting game match between noobs, there's a lot of yelling, laughing, and confusion here. At about 4:00, we see Shirley try her hardest to control Kitana through the power of voice commands (maybe she was mixing up Kitana with Kinect?). At 5:10, Holgie tells her character to "kick the heck outta that guy!" which is such a delightfully gentle piece of trash-talk it should become standard at every fighting game tournament. Rock (6:40) probably has the most fun of all the players (Take that! HAHA!), while still taking the time out to help his floundering opponent figure out what the heck he's doing by showing him which buttons to press.

As a congratulatory measure (or perhaps punitive) for battling it out in Mortal Kombat X, the Fine Bros then subjected the elderly crew to some of MKX's famous Fatalities, and their reactions were as hilarious as the Fatalities are disgusting.

"I think that's absolutely horrible... shame on whoever put that out there," says a very disturbed Shirley.

The lesson to take away from all of this? Whether you're old or young, fighting games are fun, and Mortal Kombat X has some wicked, gnarly violence.

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