It looks as if Elder Scrolls fans on a budget who chose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4 are in for a disappointment. The Elder Scrolls Online will not require a paid subscription to PlayStation Plus in order to play online with your friends. Meanwhile, ESO will require a gold Xbox Live account for those hoping to play it on the Xbox One.

According to a recent Q&A on the PlayStation Blog with ZeniMax Online Studios' game director, Matt Firor, we found out The Elder Scrolls Online will not require a paid PS Plus subscription. Players were originally hoping that the cost of the paid next-gen online servers would circumvent the necessity of The Elder Scrolls Online's monthly subscription, which is certainly not the case now that the ESO does not have any planned free-to-play model of gameplay. All forms of The Elder Scrolls Online, whether PC, PS4 or Xbox One, will require a paid subscription to ESO's monthly rate of $15 per month.

Firor also revealed that servers will be separate between the respective systems. So those PS4 gamers hoping to party up with PC elitists are going to have to find some middle ground.

The Elder Scrolls Online is coming out first for PC on April 4. The next-gen console releases of ESO aren't expected until June. You can also sign up for the ESO beta on their official site.