EA showed off a gameplay video of EA Sports UFC, giving us our first look at playable character, Bruce Lee.

The video shows a full round of MMA action, pitting BJ Penn against the legendary martial arts icon, Bruce Lee. Bruce's speed and agility are well represented, as we see him land multiple quick strikes and kicks to Penn's head before BJ puts the Dragon on the mat with a takedown.

The new submission system is showcased as Bruce breaks free of the hold, and returns to his feet. Once he's up, we get a good look at the game's body deformation engine in the form of a huge, ugly bruise on Lee's right thigh. His contusion doesn't prevent him, however, from delivering a series of kung-fu kicks to the head that drop BJ Penn for a KO.

EA's first collaboration with UFC is shaping up to be a promising sports title, and we're sure to get more exposure to EA Sports UFC on the floor at E3.