The rights to Titanfall 2 have reportedly been secured by EA. What's more is that there's a possibility of it showing up on PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

According to GameSpot, a reputable source has informed them of EA securing the sequel rights for Titanfall. Because there's an unnamed source, you should probably treat this as a rumor until official word is given.

The source said that the option to secure Titanfall's sequel was contingent on the original's performance. Since launching on March 11, Titanfall has been reviewed very well and even helped boost the sales of the Xbox One console in the U.K. Official sales numbers have yet to be divulged though.

While there's no confirmation regarding Titanfall's move to other consoles, Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, said before that Titanfall's sequels could make it onto PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

We'll let you know more about any plans for Titanfall's sequel as soon as more concrete and verified information is made available.