Electronic Art's online PC gaming platform is severing its ties from the physical market.

Origin has come forward on its official website saying that it will be going all digital. That's right, EA Origin's online game store is abandoning its physical gaming market. The Origin website also mentions that 99% of Origin's users are already exclusively playing digital titles, with about 1% of its players still enjoying a physical, PC gaming collection.

Origin will be going fully digital on April 4. Upon this day, EA Origin will no longer be dealing in physical goods.

A community manager on the Origin website has gone on to clarify that EA is still very much in the market for selling physical copies of its PC titles. He also went on to point out that buying a game, installing it and playing it through your Origin program is rather redundant, which is a primary reason for Origin going digital. All that is happening is that physical PC and console game titles are being removed from the Origin store.