Techland is wasting no time getting content drops out for its zombie survival game, Dying Light, with its second DLC pack coming out this month.

'The Ultimate Survivor Bundle' for Dying Light is coming out soon, and with it comes some pretty cool content. There will also be a free update that will be launching on the day of the DLC's release. If you've decided not to spend the $4.99 for 'The Ultimate Survivor Bundle,' you will still get a new Hard Mode for the game itself. If you have decided to either buy the season pass or 'The Ultimate Survivor Bundle' by itself, you will be rewarded with three new costumes and four new weapons. You will get the chance to be a stealthy ninja, a jacked urban explorer or a suave secret agent. The trailer above gives you a pretty good view of what they all look like in-game along with the new weapons you will acquire from the upcoming DLC.

In terms of weapons, The Constable looks like a beating stick with electricity coursing through it. Then there's the Night Club, which is another electrically-charged weapon that you can feel free to chuck at your enemies. Next up is the Buzz Killer, which looks like the most deadly of the four with its small circular saws. Finally, there's the Lacerator, which looks like the back of a hammer except stupidly sharp and about three times as big — another excellent weapon for chopping up your enemies.

The other thing happening on that same release day is a free update that will bring about various improvements to performance, gameplay balance, online functions and visual fidelity. There will be a new special Hard Mode for those of you who are getting bored.

Keep an eye out for zombies on March 10, when the 'Ultimate Survival Bundle' DLC launches for Dying Light.