We've been fighting for survival in Dying Light for a short while now, but the developers already have plans to make our task even harder with new DLC.

There will be three content drops for Dying Light, and Techland has shared the first details and release info about all of them. The first will be titled Cuisine & Cargo and will give players two new challenges to rage over. These two new missions will only be available as part of the Season Pass offer and will allow the investigation of sealed buildings, if you survive. This will be arriving today, Feb. 10. Then there's the Ultimate Survival Bundle with which players will obtain seven in-game items to help them in their quest to slay zombies. There will also be three special outfits and four blueprints for super awesome weapons when this content drops in March. Finally there's the Bozak Horde which will supply players with a new map and gameplay that will not only be playable as single player, but also through co-op, that will have you fighting with all you've got against the hordes in May.

Our review called Dying Light "ambitious, beautiful, surprising, and incredibly uneven," so whether this added content will make the experience more enjoyable remains to be seen. The Season Pass will provide you with all three of these content packs for $19.99. You can order it now to get the first content pack today, and the rest when they launch later over the next few months.