Techland celebrates its first six months of Dying Light by showcasing all the DLC it has available and teasing that a lot more is on the way.

A recent video posted by the Poland-based studio, Techland, highlights the awesome downloadable content it has contributed to Dying Light during the past six months of its release. Recently, Techland and Dying Light spoofed Destiny's Red Bull DLC, where you have to buy a can of the stuff to unlock a quest in-game. Techland had fans taking pictures of themselves drinking a glass of water and posting it on Twitter to get a weapon DLC code for free. Due to the overwhelming response, Techland started rolling out even more free DLC for its aquatic campaign. Obviously, Techland has added a ton of content, both free and premium, to Dying Light since it launched, but it isn't stopping there.

Based on the provided video, Techland is working on adding vehicles to Dying Light. We can see characters driving around in a dune buggy and rolling around in chaotic fun. The openness of the buggy's cage has us wary that it's still possible for zombies to overwhelm you. This makes us wonder whether or not traditional cars will be added to the game. While Techland has been teasing that a major expansion is in the works, it's unclear how this vehicular content will be added to the game. We're also unsure if the characters are driving around Harran or a new setting entirely.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on Dying Light's future DLC once more information is available.

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