Techland is parodying Destiny's upcoming DLC that requires a Red Bull purchase with Dying Light's Drink for DLC Campaign.

The makers of Dying Light started its own campaign for free DLC yesterday, and have decided to expand upon it with some stretch goals. All fans had to do was post a picture on twitter of them drinking a glass of water with the hashtag #DrinkForDLC in order to get a free code for a premium weapon docket in Dying Light. Due to the overwhelming response and sheer number of fans doing this, Techland has decided to add some stretch goals for the number of people who participate. The studio will design, create and release a number of free downloadable content packs for Dying Light based on how many people post pictures of themselves drinking water on Twitter with the #DrinkForDLC hashtag.

Dying Light has just about reached the first goal of 5,000 tweets, which gives everyone a 50 percent XP boost for 24 hours starting June 28. At 10,000 tweets a new DLC pack will be unlocked for everybody. Additional DLC packs will be unlocked at the stretch goals of 20K, 35K and 50K tweets.

Activision / Red Bull

This campaign was made in response to Activision's upcoming Red Bull campaign for Destiny, where buying cans of Red Bull will unlock an in-game item for increased XP. Furthermore, an entire mission from Destiny will be locked behind a Red Bull purchase as well.


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