We hope you like militant dictatorships, parkour, parachutes and zombie apocalypses, because Dying Light's story is all about that.

Starting off with a quote from The Plague by Albert Camus, which is great considering that your character is an outsider amid a zombie outbreak, this trailer for Dying Light is all about the game's story.. Your character parachutes in to some zombie-infested hellhole that doesn't take kindly to foreigners, despite how useful you are in killing zombies. So the regime in control runs the place like a dictatorship, and your character offhandedly helps some kind of offbeat rebellion. All the while, your character has to deal with both the oppressive army and the hordes of the undead, because no groups ever get along during a zombie apocalypse.

Your character is all about guns, action and parkour, making him perfect to survive in the world. You'll focus on surviving, saving the townspeople, curing the disease and trying to set things right. Either way, you'll be doing a lot of fetch missions for people too afraid to fight zombies yet always need things in the wild that happen to be surrounded by zombies.

Dying Light launches on Jan. 27 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dying Light seems creepy, but parkour makes it look fun.

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