Techland has released the Gamescom trailer for Dying Light, its open world zombie game.

Unlike its previous trailers, this two and a half minute video for Dying Light features nothing but gameplay, showing off some incredible shots of the scenery as the characters prep their giant mallets and shotguns for the zombie hordes. We see ziplines, tightrope walking and some extreme parkour as well, signaling that there's just as much flight in Dying Light as there is fight.

A few of the big features of Dying Light are then shown, including its kills featuring "Creative Brutality." The video also features 4-player co-op and a tease of what happens when the sun goes down, which looks terrifying.

The trailer has some impressive elements, but we're wondering if it's moving too closely to Dead Island that it may create some confusion among the fanbase. If that happens, Dead Island has the advantage due to being an established franchise, so Dying Light has to do a little more to stand out among the horde of zombie games available in the market.

Dying Light will launch next Feb. for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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