The most nefarious character in Nintendo history is supposedly getting its own amiibo figurine.

According to Destructoid, YouTuber Mema Haxx posted the provided video that shows the Duck Hunt Duo in Super Smash Bros' amiibo-sync section of its main menu. While a Duck Hunt amiibo figurine has yet to be announced, we're certainly not shocked that Nintendo is releasing one for arguably the biggest surprise addition to the game's roster.

We shouldn't be surprised that the Big N has every amiibo file already on the Wii U disc for Super Smash Bros. -- it's not like Nintendo is particularly fond of doing post-release updates or patches for its games. If there really is a Duck Hunt amiibo figure coming, we're shooting it with a real gun (not a Zapper) as payback for traumatizing our childhoods. Since the Duck Hunt team is getting an amiibo, we can expect that just about every character left on the roster will be getting one (they're most likely catering to the collectors out there). Ganon is a must-have by this point, right?

There's still a lot of Super Smash Bros. characters for Nintendo to release as amiibo figurines, but this brings up a massive question: what will the Big N do with the amiibo series once it finishes the Super Smash roster?