Evolution Studios has been having some trouble getting the online portions of Driveclub running out of the gate.

According to Videogamer, game director Paul Rustchynsky said that the server issues plaguing Driveclub's online functionality have been "proving to be a challenging issue to address" and that Evolution Studios has been forced to disable many of Driveclub's features, like the challenges, leaderboards and the clubs, which are the whole crux of the experience. These issues likely led to the delay of the PlayStation Plus Edition's release.

"We did run large synthetic load tests with tens of thousands of concurrent users and the tests were successful," Rustchynsky said, adding that Evolution Studios did not encounter any issues during their beta testing.

One of the biggest issues in the game is that the data being transferred between players is simply too large. This leads to limited numbers of online connections. One would think that the solution is to add more servers, yet the issue is in the server code itself having bugs, since there are plenty of servers already being used.

Because of the issues, Evolution Studios is considering some form of compensation for Driveclub's early adopters. There's no word on what form this compensation will be, or if it will even become a reality, but it's definitely a big problem when a racing game that is completely geared towards redefining online racing has problems with its online connectivity right off the bat. Hopefully a future update will fix the problem soon, so we can all jump online, form clubs and start bragging about our drifting, cornering and lap times.

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