A new developer diary for Driveclub has cropped up, giving us the lowdown on how the PlayStation 4's power helps drive the experience.

The good people of Evolution Studios take to this video to talk about the PlayStation 4 and how they've built Driveclub to take advantage of its power and features. Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director at Evolution Studios, speaks about how Driveclub is a very socially-connected racing experience that seeks to separate itself from the pack by offering more collaboration.

Rustchynsky said, "It's not just about you and trying to be first in every race; it's about driving to your own strengths, using your own skills and then collaborating with clubs to share in the rewards."

Scott Kirkland, Studio Technical Director at Evolution Studios, goes over how the team wanted the game to be really dynamic and unrestrained. The PlayStation 4's graphics processing power is being utilized to create day and night cycles, making it so that you'll have to rely on headlights at night in the most remote locations. Lots of care has gone into recreating real-life materials in-game as well, giving you plenty of eye candy to absorb.

Watch the rest of the dev diary above and await the release of Driveclub on PlayStation 4 on Oct. 7, 2014.

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