No one wants to turn down a free ride, but there's usually a catch.

A free version of DriveClub is coming for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and we have found out what the retail copy has that the PS Plus one does not. DriveClub director Paul Rustchynsky has announced the details about the free, Playstation Plus edition of DriveClub on the PlayStation Blog after elaborating on many details of the overall title. Fans in the comment section of the blog were rather skeptical towards what the PS Plus edition would lack compared to its retail counterpart, with many posters speculating it will just be some form of glorified demo in order to promote sales of the real deal.

Rustchynsky explained that the PS Plus edition is not a demo nor has it been scaled down. Instead, the game has full access to the same online and offline features the retail copy has. The only difference is that the game limits you to a selection of 10 cars while only allowing you to race in one country. This means you will only have access to five different tracks along with 11 variations of those same raceways. Evolution Games originally intended to provide a discount for those who would like to upgrade from PS Plus game to a digital copy of the full title. Unfortunately, that deal will no longer be a part of the package according to Videogamer.

DriveClub will be joining the starting line in full, retail form along with its free counterpart on Oct. 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4.