Driveclub has risen from its many connectivity issues and is bringing its players a new update that promises improvements based on their feedback.

There's a new update coming to Driveclub and it's super exciting, according to its Facebook post. This new update is coming with a bunch of improvements, but what Driveclub made to feature in its announcement is dynamic weather and two new tracks. The weather integration is pretty self explanatory, but as far as the new tracks go you will now have Atlanterhavsvegen in Norway and Sinclair Pass in Canada. Driveclub's improvements include throttle and brake controls, offline Club Cars and Club Paint Jobs, track card Single event updates, player statistics, and minor bug fixes.

Players will also have a number of add-ons to look forward to coming later this month including support for the Mazzanti Evantra, support for the Redline Expansion Pack, The Redline Car Pack, The Redline Tour Pack, support for Elements Tour Pack and The Elements Tour Pack.

Still no word on the PlayStation Plus version of the game, but Evolution is still promising it will arrive eventually. For now, those of you with the game can check out the new weather update for Driveclub on PlayStation 4.

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