Evolution Studios' DriveClub was originally intended to be a Japanese launch title for the PlayStation 4, with it being shipped to the States a few months afterwards. Even though Gran Turismo 6 is doing well on the PS3 and Need for Speed: Rivals is currently a hot seller for both the PS4 and Xbox One, the PS4 has yet to have a system exclusive racing title.

DriveClub's crew at Evolution Studios boast that it will be a socially active racing title. Based on what we have seen from the likes of Ubisoft's The Crew (expected in the third quarter of 2014), DriveClub has a lot to amount to if it wants first place. Given the current capabilities of multiplayer gaming, especially on the PS4 and from what we have seen from The Crew, DriveClub being labelled a social racer makes us eager to see how it rides, especially when there are other humans to drive with. Upon its inevitable release, PlayStation Plus members are planned to have bonus features for DriveClub, on top of getting the game for free.

Recently pegged for a February 22 Japanese release date (the same as the PS4's launch over there), DriveClub has been towed back to the garage in order to get it just right. Unfortunately, Evolution Studios couldn't provide any exact details as to this racer's preemptive pit stop except for the vague reasons of "various circumstances" according to Inside Games (translated by Kotaku). As of now, DriveClub's release date is classified as TBA for Japan. Sure, we'd love to see this fast and furious game speed its way onto store shelves. But sometimes, knowing when to apply the brakes is the best way at winning the Grand Prix.