Sony has been very forthcoming with details about its upcoming racing title, DriveClub. We’ve seen numerous screenshots and videos that show off the game’s impressive visuals and wide variety of vehicles. Recently the game’s Director, Paul Rustchynsky, tweeted even more details and spoke on an issue in the gameplay videos that has had some fans worried about the state of the game.

When asked by a Twitter follower about screen tearing evident in recent gameplay videos, Rustchynsky stated, “That's just the video player on the web site, it doesn't happen in the game.”

As for gameplay details, Sony revealed that female drivers will be available in the game, and, along with male drivers, can be made to look however players wish through DriveClub’s outfit customization system.

Rustchynsky announced that players won’t need to worry about turning headlights on when it gets dark, since the game will handle night-time illumination automatically. Sadly, that also means players won’t be able to flash their lights at other players to taunt them or invite them to races.

Finally, the detailed first-person sequences shown in early videos will be included in DriveClub’s final build, despite not appearing in more recent videos.

Despite the massive delays, we're still looking forward to checking out DriveClub when it's released on Oct. 7 for the PlayStation 4. Even if that means just enjoying the free PlayStation Plus version.