One of the best little racing games is so good, we have to bring it up twice today on our website! DrawRace 2 HD now going for the awesome price of free! Start your fingers!

In DrawRace 2 HD you don't control the cars, you control the path they take with your finger. Draw the best racing line you can and watch them fight for the finish line. Think it's easy? It's not. You have to try and create the best driving lane possible, making sure your car doesn't oversteer and crash into the wall, causing you to lose precious time on the track.

There are over 180 challenges, 3D tracks, supercars, online racing and more. This iPad only Chillingo title is pretty popular, so see what all the fuss is about and download it today for your iPad! (Yes, the regular DrawRace 2 is also free for a limited time. Pick it up for your iPhone!)