In this edition of the Cosplay of the Week, we've got our frosty friend from the frozen reaches of Skyrim, Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn! Let's hope she can Shout this frigid weather away.

The Dragonborn is a being of myth, born with the ability to Shout and to absorb the souls of dragons. The gift of the Voice is an important one and can be very powerful. It can also be very dangerous if put into the wrong hands. Thankfully, Skyrim's Dragonborn is fated with saving the world from Alduin, the God of Destruction. In order to gather the strength needed to defeat Alduin, the Dragonborn must absorb the souls of fallen dragons to gain their knowledge and learn Words of Power that manifest themselves as powerful spells.

Here is Canadian cosplayer Nicole Fitzpatrick as her version of the Dragonborn. She chose to craft this costume because of her anticipation for the upcoming Elder Scroll Online. Of course, it should also be noted that she loves Skyrim, as is evident from the work she put into the costume.

This outfit is especially distinct among her other costumes because it is the first costume she's made that uses armor. Every pieces of armor you see is made out of foam and was created using a tutorial she found on YouTube. The iconic helmet was made out of paper mache and the horns that adorn them were crafted out of clay. According to Nicole, the fur bit were the hardest parts.

Check out more of Nicole's work on her official Facebook page and follow her for updates on her cosplay. All images were shot by Brenden Armstrong.

Brenden Armstrong
Brenden Armstrong

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