When Dragon Quest X, the strangely online only MMO take on Dragon Quest was first announced it wasn’t clear as to whether or not the game was going to come out anywhere except Japan. However, a recent Amazon France spotting would suggest that the game at least has a chance to come out in other territories.

The listing (spotted by Joystiq), included several official screenshots and art assets and was listed at a price of €70 (around $90). The listing didn’t have a release date nor did it include any release territory details.

Even stranger is that this isn’t the only leak to come out of Square-Enix via Amazon this week. Most of the info we are getting about the upcoming Wii U port of Deus EX: Human Revolution is coming out of an Amazon US leak. Maybe someone at Square-Enix just send a bunch of info to Amazon a bit too early.

Dragon Quest X is slated to come out in Japan on March 30th. The game, unfortunately, requires a monthly fee, which might have been why Square was so reluctant to release the game in non-Japanese territories. The game is available in a console bundle which includes a 1000 yen pre-paid card, and five in-game items which grant you double XP and Gold for 30 minutes.

Square-Enix fell back on their standard policy of not commenting on rumor or speculation when approached about the listing. However, Amazon leaks have been quite reliable in the past, so it wouldn’t be strange to see Dragon Quest X slated for a stateside release sometime soon.