Grab a pint, tip the bard and tell a tale of how you heard a wyvern in the distance as you listen to a collection of Dragon Age: Inquisition's tavern songs.

BioWare has released the entire soundtrack of Dragon Age: Inquisition's tavern songs on the game's official website. These are the songs you would hear sung by the local bard if you ever went into the taverns at Skyhold and Haven. These songs not only sound pleasing to the ear, they help spread the lore and inform people of Thedas' major events. There are songs about the Enchanters, Sega, Samson and Leliana's network of spies, the Nightengales. These tunes not only entertain local drunkards and travelers roaming the land, but also convey the emotions of greatness, praise or lamentation that hit the world of Thedas during the days of Corypheus' return.

BioWare is also hosting a contest for those who can do the best rendition of these tavern tunes -- be creative with them. You can download the soundtrack here until Feb. 9.

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