It looks like you inquisitors have been pretty busy. BioWare has released the stats for the dragon-slaying that's gone on in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The official Dragon Age handle on Twitter has posted an image that runs down the dragon-slaying stats in the game. As of the posting, players have slayed a total of 2,602,377 dragons. That's a lot of gigantic corpses littered around the world. And it looks like Orlais is popular than Ferelden when it comes to dragon-hunting.

Along with the hard numbers, we're also shown where around Thedas dragons have been killed the most or the least, with random hints popping up on the map to help dragon hunters. For example, one hint tells us to bring lots of "fire" power for a dragon located in the Greatest Mistral.

Check out the image above and use the hints to get those numbers even higher, inquisitors!

These dragons look like they can wreck your city (we miss Haven):

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