Your number one pizza to order because everything else is closed past 11 PM at night is getting its own Xbox One app.

Polygon reports that the Xbox One is getting a Domino's Pizza app that will let you order your favorite pies on the fly. Unfortunately, "Xbox, Trans Fat" won't be a voice command, but "Domino's Feed me" will. This app is reminiscent of the Pizza Hut app for the Xbox 360, which earned the restaurant franchise over $1 million in sales during its first four months alone. The app will supposedly use the Kinect's voice and motion-recognition technology to let you order whatever you would like, except anchovies, no place carries those anymore. After ordering your pizza, you can even track it through the app as well.

Unfortunately, the app won't be able to explain why Domino's usually takes a minimum of 45 minutes for its deliveries. Nevertheless, it's a great feature to keep you playing games until you have a delivery at the door.